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What real are they?

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a breed that have earned their years of friendship and love for man, the most important trait in nature. By particularly to children is extremely tolerant and patient and steadfast companion them in games, is the standard in its absolutely reliable. The country of origin in England is called the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a "nanny dog" - nanny dog. The old man is very active partner. Especially at a young age, you must constantly drain your energy. It needs to walks, active games, sports performance and easy like. Otherwise, it becomes the perfect "Conan" destroyer. As an adult, this has not practiced so much because, thanks to education is already smarter and calmer. Of course continues to be the active nature of the direct and employ different activities. Generally it is true that he loves his family, especially children, but in fact he loves all people. With every friend can be just as if he knew for a long time. The tremendous shows his friendship for man. The loose tail is always perfectly potvrdzuje.Svojou nature, especially in adulthood, its tranquility and sensitivity to the overall situation, especially his intelligence, is rather flat and not in the aviary. Better with you on the couch looks on TV film, as it should be shed in the yard and watch the garden. Other dogs would handle it perfectly, but he should be given to steal himself. Of course, the old man is still a dog. That is a terrier, is encoded in their blood. His behavior to other dogs individually. Basically, the problem does not live to sex. The problem can occur between individuals of the same sex, just for the already mentioned terrier blood. But it can be corrected quite have the necessary socialization from an early age, a gradual proper education and frequent contact with other animals. To obtain a dog and decide for Staffordshire Bull Terrier, either as a family pet or a friend to the sport or as a bodyguard for walks, maybe even as a friend to overcome loneliness, it will certainly always a good choice. Study the literature is of course necessary, but visit a few shows, see the old man "action" or visit the kennel and see even the tots, it is worthwhile in any case. For as the saying goes: once seen is more than a hundred times to hear. A truly worthwhile to see the telltale photo from the current tour of the Staffordshire Regiment. Prince Andrew gives a message regiment commander under the old tradition is at the foot of the Staffordshire bull terrier, perfectly fitting saddle-cloth embroidered with gold arms. This truly fascinating picture proves that what esteem, friendship and love this breed in the region enjoyed its creation.
Whatever the activity, from the time it awakens in the morning until the quiet of night, a Stafford lives life to the fullest.