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I was born 29 May 2011...

...and how I looked when I was 2 days

As a 3-week I was pretty puppy fat

That's because my mother Bridget for me and my four siblings cared for exemplary

At this time I am more and more marked color genes of the father

My father Glock is truly handsome. In Paris, the World Dog Show 2011, won the champion class "Res. CACIB and the CE-World Winner 2011

The new owners, I enjoyed the carefree moments. First, the cottage in Slovakia...

...I enjoy and also in Switzerland, where he is also a large garden

Before Christmas, I happened to little accident

After Christmas I was at Lord's Friend

I celebrated New Year's cottage in Slovakia

We go on day trips, sometimes up to 5-6 km

In February, being prepared for exhibition in Vinicne (Slovakia)


State exhibition of terriers Vinicne - 03/03/2012 - Medal Day