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Welcome to "JANIS`S BROOD".

See photos of our little Janis since birth and we'll be happy if you decide to watch the serial and adolescence. You can learn a little more about the breed "Staffordshire Bull Terrier" with a peek into history, but also to the present, admittedly exceptional breed, which is the only dog breed in the world has his character. Character nodule which use the owners and breeders Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the world. This page is obviously prepared for all lovers of dogs, but especially is dedicated to those interested in breeding dogs Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
When I mentioned the uniqueness of this breed should be in the same breath also add that it also as the only breed in nature contain "absolutely reliable". You may now say that he too praises. But when already doing it, so pick it up again. Since 1935, when the breed was officially registered, there is no known case of an attack on a man. For it seems innately essentially bred friendship but the man is da same operation may already be on his side for the total granted. Its open nature and honesty are a kind of yardstick approach to man.
Some Orthodox followers SBT, especially the devotees coming from the middle of England are so sympathetic to these submissions, the breed that hardly can understand that there is also other types of dogs. England center-right, namely, the cradle of Staffordshire Stafford - as well as his short talk. His popularity in England compared to other breeds incomparable. Last year the popularity began to expand into other countries of Central Europe. The popularity of the breed, despite or perhaps because of centuries ago, his muscular body, tenacious spirit and big heart were prepared and led to fights, today is indeed raised in families with children, which is patient and loyal friends and partners in peas. And that his big heart, and friendship most impressed me. Precisely for this feature to give you a very quick and then get him to surrender completely.
It will give you his playfulness, his vigorousness, and their obedience.
It will give you your courage, your perseverance, and his stubbornness.
He'll give you my devotion, and friendship, but most will give you my heart.
Great heart of a small dog bodybuilder incredibly tolerant and loving children.
It is small, big staffik. Strong, sensible, tolerant, friendly and faithful. Although eventually all dogs, whatever breed, when properly educated are excellent companions for humans.
Not for nothing is said of man's best friend is a dog.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier evidenced at every turn.